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Mobile Service – We Come To You!


  • Damaged metal and plastic body areas are repaired.  Then a variety of cleaners and etchers are applied to condition the surface and to ensure adhesion of the basecoat paint.
  • This is followed by primers which fill crevices and protect against corrosion and rust.
  • After sanding, a final prep cleaner is applied to clean the surface and discharge any electro-static charge left in the plastic or metal.
  • The computerized custom-mixed formula is then applied, followed by a Clear-Coat specially made for our industry. The tough transparent film acts like a magnifying glass to bring out the brilliance of the color, while protecting the pigments in the color from harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun, from acid rain, and other contaminants.  They provide a long lasting, mirror-like finish and are now used on most new factory finishes.


AutoFixOnSite is GREEN
We are an environmentally friendly company using the latest in waterborne coating technology. Our innovative services conserve natural resources when compared to many traditional methods. Choosing car bumper restoration over replacement also saves the costly resources involved in manufacturing and transporting replacement parts.




Free Estimate – Take advantage of our free estimate and have an expert come to you!  We’ll inspect your car’s needs and give you an estimate of cost, turn-around forecast and probability of outcome, all at no cost to you.

Lower Prices – we do not have the high overhead costs associated with full service repair shops or dealerships. We pass these savings on to our customers.  Save the costs of high insurance deductibles and car rental fees.  We come to you at your home or office and you save time and money!

Fast Service – we provide efficient fast service. The work flow does not stop.  Our specialists approach and complete each task accurately without wasting time from the moment we arrive to the moment we leave.  Repairs are completed within hours not days or weeks.  We respect your valuable time.

No Rental Cars – we are mobile, which means we come to you at your home or office.  A repair shop’s typical turn-around time is several days to several weeks. With our innovative repairs being completed in hours, you can eliminate the need for a rental car.

Auto Insurance – About 21% of customers choose to pay for their repair without filing an insurance claim.  If you report the damage to your insurance company, your rates may go up.  Even if the damage is fully covered now, you could be penalized for years and even dropped from your current coverage.  We are the solution to repairing your car at such a low cost you that you may choose to avoid reporting the incident altogether.


 Lease Return Estimate / Evaluation

Your lease is expiring and it’s time to turn in the vehicle but you’ve got some minor cosmetic damage that you don’t want to get over charged for. Contact AutoFixOnSite.com and get your free estimate on those minor dents and dings